Critter Project, Inc

All of our fabulous creations can be found on Etsy!

Rainbow Wiggle Worm

Rainbow Wiggle Worm is under-stuffed for greater flexibility, has a hidden squeaker and is carefully crafted with double stitched seams and hand sewn features, including a heart. This Wiggle Worm Dog Toy is handmade from high quality fleece.  Exact placement and colors of the features on each toy will vary.  

Toy measures approximately 11 inches long and 1 to 2 inches wide.

Cat Toy Bird With Bell

Cat Toy Bird With Bell has a yellow feathered tail that makes it a feline favorite! Cats respond to its feathers by hunting, chasing and pouncing on this unique toy. Body is handmade from multi colored striped fleece. A small bell is securely attached to the base of the tail, which is made of feathers. When your cat pounces on the Cat Toy Bird a crinkling sound will be heard because pieces of plastic sealing strips, used to seal food containers, have been added to the stuffing.

​Toy measures approximately 5 inches in length and 2.5 inches tall.